Sunday, January 30, 2011

New apps for musicians

Since Web Marketing for the Music Business was published several years ago, the web has continued to expand its offerings. One of my favorite aggregators of beta sites is Whenever I need an application to make a task easier, I start there. Here are a few of the lesser knowns I have been working with lately that could be of benefit to musicians.
LetterMeLater: This service allows you to set up emails to be delivered at a later time and date, specified by you. So if you are on the road and want to send out that last minute email reminder of tonight's gig, you are no longer subjected to finding a hotspot and booting up the laptop to send out the blast. Set it all up before you leave the house and let it dispense the messages at the appropriate time. You can easily embed links, images and videos. For about $20/year you can send several hundred emails per month (the same email to multiple recipients is considered one). You can organize the contact list geographically so you are only sending to potential attendees.

Eventbrite: This service works like evite, allowing you to send out invitations to events. The bonus is the ability to pre-sell tickets via the service, and collect payment via your PayPal account. They provide widgets to make the transactions seamless. You can create more than one level of tickets, including price points, early purchase specials, discounts, etc. The basic service is free. For transactions, they charge 99cents plus 2.5% of the ticket value. This covers all processing fees for Visa, MC, PayPal and Google Checkout.

Wiggio: Want to organize your fan club or street team? Wiggio is perfect for that. It's a combination of social networking and collaborative workspace. Many ways to communicate with each other or the whole group. Documents and media materials can be stored and shared. A shared calendar ensures that everyone is on the same page. Polling allows for some group decisions to be made. No charge.

Stay tuned for more ideas. Or feel free to share a few of your own.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Tom! We love working with musicians at Eventbrite, so it's great to see that we're addressing the right needs.

    Eventbrite PR Manager